Monday, November 16, 2009


Say what? Yes, we have added a new addition to our family and she is an "Entlebucher Mountain Dog". This is indeed the English name for her. Not to be confused with a Bernese mountain dog, they are MUCH larger and have a lot of long hair. We loved Luna - Oma and Opas dog, but we wanted a somewhat smaller dog.

When we were interviewing for the position of house dog, we ran across this breed and were really excited to find a dog with similar traits as a Bernese Mountain Dog, but with shorter hair and smaller frame. In addition to being good family dogs like Luna, they are known for their agility and liveliness.

Lexi was born on September 1, 2009 and joined our family on November 4th. She is a purebread with all the papers you need and she came with an offer for free vacation care - can't beat that. The kids were so excited to finally have a dog and they all take turns taking her out for her business, to play and for short walks since she is still too little to really go far.