Monday, May 4, 2009


I have missed a lot of blogable things of late. (I truly apologize for that, stay with me through the next couple of months, I promise to do better.) But of all the things I have missed, I vowed to finish this one. One reason is because our first son was baptized on April 26th. He has chosen to enter into this sacred covenant with his savior Jesus Christ and follow his example. I could not be happier than to see my children make this kind of a decision in their lives. The second reason is so he can see how much we love him and how important he is to us in our family. Here are just a couple of pics of the day:

The proud parents with Niklas

Baptizer and baptizee

Some of the people who helped make the day special: Michael gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost, Steffen spoke about the Holy Ghost and Marielle led the music and prayed.

Meike came all the way from Switzerland to give a talk about baptism.

Martin was cool as usual and helped set up everything for the cake buffet.

Karin added moral support when needed.

The missionaries provided the interval music while Niklas changed.

Here's a pic of the gang - all his friends who came to see him be baptized.