Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Thanks for all your votes, it was close, actually a tie. When Gusti told me she wouldn't take his two year pictures until he got a hair cut, that kind of broke the tie. I just wasn't willing to pay 11 Dollars plus tip for his FIRST haircut, because I was pretty sure I wouldn't like it afterwards. During our visit with my mom, she offered to do the deed and I agreed. She did a great job and Tyler did his part well too. Thanks mom!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Yay, I've finally been tagged and I was so excited to go and look which foto I would get to post. My foto files go all the way back by year to 2001 with a miscellaneous folder as number one. So here it is, I'm a little more somber now and not as "excited" but anyway - this foto comes from 2003. It is a picture of our "herzchen" - Jeffrey after he underwent his second open heart surgery. I was totally unprepared for the flood of memories this picture brought back. I tag Ally, Kelly and Franzi when she gets her computer working again - you're it. Oh yeah - the rules: Open your foto files and choose foto number four from the fourth file.