Friday, March 25, 2011


Today I took Tyler to the hospital for his very first surgery. He is four and he needs his adnoids out and tubes in his ears. I didn't know how he would respond to everything, so I actually kept it a little vague. In other words, I kept talking about "surgery" and I don't think he had a clue what that really meant, except that I promised him a NINJAGO if he was good while at the hospital. He was sooo cool. First off I didn't wake him this morning and he came down about 5 minutes before we needed to head out the door. He wanted to eat of course and I just said we didn't have time, that he could eat later and even stay in his pajamas to go to the hospital. Please be reminded that this is the kid that I fight hourly with about almost everything from what food he will eat to which coat he will wear out the door. His response this morning was simply - OK - and into the car we went. Once there we actually sat around and waited a lot, then we were sent to the lab to see how fast his blood clots. They prick you with an insulin needle and wipe the blood away several times to see how long it takes before you stop bleeding. In comparison - Jeffrey freaked out a year ago when I did this with him, I mean seriously hyperventilated till I thought he was going to pass out. I thought maybe I should distract Tyler, but he just looked at me and said he wanted to watch. He didn't even flinch and he watched intently as they swiped the blood away each time.

When we finally went in to the "go to sleep room" he was given a dose of "drowsy" which he touched to his lips and made the face. OOPS my bad!! I should have prepped him and told him before he tasted it that he needed to drink it all in one gulp. I could have kicked myself as I was SURE that I would never get him to drink the rest. But we try anyway, right. I told him, "I know it tastes funny sweetie, but you need to drink ALL of it - do it quick now and it won't be so bad." And you know what - he did!!! I then put him up in his hospital bed and put on a movie to wait.

I have to say, this part always makes me giggle. He was trying to tell me something, but everything was slurred and I couldn't understand him at all. He couldn't hold the Ipad up - it was too heavy - so it kept flopping forward and bonking him in the face or falling backwards on his lap.

Notice how dazed he looks in this picture. They came and got us shortly after this and took us into the pre-op room. I stayed with him for the chocolate flavored gas mask and when he was asleep I kissed him and went out. Forty-five minutes later they called me into the recovery room to sit by his bed till he woke up. Tyler slept peacefully for another 1 1/2 hours and when he awoke, it was as if he had never been to surgery. He didn't cry, didn't complain of a sore throat either. I was supposed to keep him quiet, so I asked if he wanted to finish watching his movie. Of course he nodded his head yes. So he sat and watched his movie, drank a glas of water and we were out of the hospital by 1:00 pm. GO TYLER! He was great today.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I wasn't trying to be "punny", but hey, it works! Hahahaha. Anyway, for Family Home Evening Benny finally got out Jeffrey's birthday present (his birthday was in September). It turned so cold right after Jeffrey's birthday, that we decided to wait till spring to set up the new trampoline. So punctual to the date, we got out the "new spring" and Tyler and Jeffrey helped him set it up. So many helping hands.

Maybe too many helping hands?

They were sooo excited to have a trampoline again and to be able to jump.