Monday, March 21, 2011


I wasn't trying to be "punny", but hey, it works! Hahahaha. Anyway, for Family Home Evening Benny finally got out Jeffrey's birthday present (his birthday was in September). It turned so cold right after Jeffrey's birthday, that we decided to wait till spring to set up the new trampoline. So punctual to the date, we got out the "new spring" and Tyler and Jeffrey helped him set it up. So many helping hands.

Maybe too many helping hands?

They were sooo excited to have a trampoline again and to be able to jump.


Krista Lou Cook said...

So glad you have the net. I've seen too many broken bones from these oh so fun trampolines! What fun for the kids. I hope you all have a great "Spring"!

Rex said...

Looks like they are more than ready to “SPRING” ;)