Thursday, February 5, 2009


Jeffrey has a new love!

After finishing 2 years of introduction to music, we were faced with the task of choosing an instrument. I signed him up for percussion, but the other kid didn't show up. Jeffrey sat down on the drum set and pounded away. The teacher said, "Well, if he has that much interest for the drums, you should consider just starting him there." So we did. I figured that our Rock Band drums would suffice for awhile at least. Three weeks into his lessons has been a short "while" however. He started crying after the second lesson, "when do I get my drum set?" We have been blessed to not have to buy one just yet, as we have a friend who had a set in his basement and has allowed us to borrow them for awhile.

Jeffrey can't stay away from them. Normally he is scared of the basement... that fear is suddenly gone. He runs down there several times during the day. (I know this will not last forever.) Today he started at 7:45am. I am glad we don't live in an apartment. He loves to rock out and "practice his beats". It is really fun to see how much energy and concentration he puts into it.

A side note on the subject of Jeffrey: today for lunch we had an interesting conversation. He said he wanted the other half of his heart back. If he hadn't been so serious I probably would have laughed, but instead I had to explain, that he never had a whole heart and he couldn't just get it back. Some things just come out of nowhere and really get you thinking. I suggested he could be happy that it was only a half a heart he was missing and not half of his leg or something, because this way he can still walk and run. The conversation took its turn.